What are the key mechanisms of aging, and how can one live longer?


3/31/20242 min read

What causes us to age and eventually die? We've learned more about aging in the last 20 years than the previous 2,000 years combined. While it was long believed that DNA damage was the primary cause, we now know aging is a complex process driven by many factors.

DNA damage does play a role, but it's not the main driver. For example, healthy young animals can be cloned from cells of old animals, suggesting the cloning process can somehow "reset" or repair damaged DNA. Additionally, animals with high DNA mutation rates don't necessarily age faster.

So what are some of the key reasons we age?

  1. Cellular Communication Breakdown As we get older, cells lose their ability to properly communicate and respond to signals like insulin or nutrients. Senescent "zombie" cells that should die start accumulating and secreting inflammatory substances that damage healthy cells.

  2. Mitochondrial Dysfunction Mitochondria are the powerhouses producing energy in our cells. But as we age, mitochondria become damaged, leaving cells without enough energy to function properly.

  3. Stem Cell Decline Stem cells replenish our tissues by producing new cells. But stem cells decline in number and function as we age due to factors like inflammation and cellular damage.

  4. Protein Buildup
    Cells have an intricate process for building up and breaking down proteins. But this process becomes imperfect over time, leading to a toxic buildup of misfolded, clumped proteins.

  5. Epigenetic Changes The epigenome acts as an "on/off" switch for our genes. With aging, it becomes dysregulated, causing genes to be abnormally turned on or off in harmful ways.

  6. Telomere Shortening Telomeres protect the ends of our DNA strands. They shorten with each cell division until they can no longer safeguard DNA integrity.

  7. Crosslinking Proteins Crosslinks form between proteins in aging tissues, "glueing" them together and contributing to stiffness, wrinkles, and hypertension.

While fascinating anti-aging biotechnologies are being developed to target these mechanisms, smart lifestyle choices like good nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction are currently our best approach to slow aging.

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